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The Islamic College of Melbourne has a beautiful sense of community and my intention is to maintain and strengthen this. The aim of our college is to educate and encourage our children to grow up to be young men and women who will excel in all they pursue in their life; including achieving excellence in their Islamic education and values. Insha’Allah this will help them attain success in both this world and the next.

The college prides itself in providing its students with a learning environment that will make them the most unique and successful of individuals. We are committed to fostering a community of learners, and to provide an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base, while promoting the skills of critical and creative thinking. We seek to do this with a challenging and supportive Islamic environment which develops individuals as both independent and collaborative learners. 

Education, a life-long journey, is Learning to Know, to Do, to Be and to Live Together. The values of Openness and Tolerance as expressed in the Teachings of Islam and the Australian Democratic Principles are integral to this definition of learning.
At the Islamic College of Melbourne we believe learning occurs through collaboration and interaction within the family unit and within the school, local, wider Australian and global communities. The social, emotional, physical, spiritual, academic and aesthetic development of our students is pivotal to their success at school, within their families and the communities to which they belong. Respectful relationships are foundational to the learning and living culture of the school and promote the values of openness and tolerance.

We want our children to be Australian:

•   people who understand and value Islamic Teaching and Prayer and their relevance to their lives in contemporary society
•   community members who contribute socially, economically and culturally to society
•   responsible individuals capable of relating to family, friends and colleagues
•   life-long learners who are able to make sense of the world in which they live
•   informed citizens who understand and contribute to civil and community relations at a local, national and global level.

Our highly qualified teachers are passionate and enthusiastic educators who inspire students to achieve outstanding results academically as well as in sports, cultural, environment and leadership programs.

I ask Allah SWT to guide me to fulfil it and I plan to dedicate all my time, energy, passion, relations and experience towards the development of the Islamic College of Melbourne and the wellbeing of its students and staff.

I warmly welcome you to visit our college and discover foremost what makes the Islamic College of Melbourne the perfect school for your children.

Dr Abdul M. Kamareddine

College Principal