Our History

The Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) was registered on the 1st of February, 2011. The school opened its doors for the first lot of students on the 7th of February, 2011.

Ninety seven students were arranged in four groups ranging from years prep to four. The classes commenced in newly constructed demountable buildings. Staff and students were excited to begin the year, it was such a memorable experience.

At present, the school caters for over 1,100 students and has 110 staff members, ranging from teachers, support staff and administration.

The Islamic College of Melbourne is a co-educational institute which is currently offering Foundation to Year 12.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills that will carry them beyond their school years. We offer excellence in Quran instruction, modern curriculum in relation to the secular subjects, hands on and practical approach to all the subjects, including the extracurricular activities. Our curriculum is diverse, and is taught by experienced and highly qualified teachers.

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