ICOM admin office

ICOM admin office

In 2016, the Victorian Education Minister introduced compulsory requirements that will apply to all organisations that provide services for children. The introduction of these requirements were to help protect children from all forms of abuse.

There are seven child safe standards that form part of the Victorian Governments’ response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry.

The college is committed to child safety and to prevent potential child abuse incidences by creating a college culture and structure to address any issues related to child abuse. All staff, volunteers and school members are responsible for supporting the safety of children by adhering to the code of conduct.

ICOM has implemented policies, procedures, practices and standards relating to child safety and believes that is a positive step and will continuously strive to improve the safety of all students at the college.

For more information on the colleges policy with regards to child safety, please click the below links.

School Governance

The school is committed to the Australian Democratic Principles, which include a commitment to:
1. elected government
2. the rule of law
3. equal rights for all before the law
4. freedom of religion
5. freedom of speech and association
6. the values of openness and tolerance

These principles are communicated to staff, students, parents and the School community through the following process:

  • Parent information meetings
  • Parent teacher Interviews
  • School's monthly newsletters
  • Students' reports
  • Student, staff and parent assemblies
  • Staff meetings
  • Staff handbook
  • Student handbook

To view our 2016 Annual Report, please Click Here.

To view our 2015 Annual Report, please Click Here.

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