2018 Year 12 Graduation

The Pioneer Graduates of ICOM embarked upon a rollercoaster journey of what is Year 12. For many in the group, it was a navigation to find their way, strengths and shine whereas others preferred to remain shy and quiet observers.

In the end, it was truly a journey of self-discovery and growth for each and every individual. My message to you all is to be proud of what you have achieved. Explore your options, an ATAR is important but it does not define you and what you are capable of– do what you enjoy and are good at and never let go of your Islamic Identity.

Our talented Year 12s recently delighted family, friends and teachers with a range of Awards and graduation ceremonies. Our inaugural Secondary School graduation ceremony saw students, take part in festivities to honour the first batch of year 12 students graduating from Islamic college of Melbourne.

These two fantastic events are always a highlight of our calendar. Our students performed brilliantly, and we hope the audiences enjoyed the graduation ceremony and awards night.

Ms.Maha Elsayegh, VCE/VASS Coordinator

Year 12 Class Captain’s Message!

I cannot believe it’s finally come to an end!
I could say 2018 was a fantastic year. However, I would not be telling the truth as the word amazing cannot express or define what we have been through as the first pioneer year 12 students of ICOM. We had some ups and downs. We were overwhelmed with high expectations that placed upon us, but we also enjoyed being part of the “minor” competitions we had amongst ourselves (because I was going to rank 1). However, our most memorable moments came from the times we spent together in and out of school from excursions with the fantastic teacher & Coordinator
Ms.Maha, to being in the classroom where we could look at each other and burst into laughter.

I honestly could say, that the 2018 ICOM YEAR 12 batch are more than just friends, but family. Throughout this journey, they have undoubtedly been there for me and each other. In my opinion, it is the one thing that separates us from any other year 12 cohort. We were together through thick and thin, no matter what storms arose or how bad of a day you were having. Someone was always there to make you smile and laugh, and although we made it to the end, I can tell you for sure that this is only the beginning, and the world better WATCH OUT, because we’re coming in strong, and we’re not holding back!
To the first year 12 class of 2018, brothers, sisters, and teachers, thank you all for making 2018 a fantastic year!

Mohammad Hassan
Senior Class Captain