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2022 First Day of School

Tuesday the 1st of February marked the very first day for Year 1 to 12 students’ attendance at ICOM.
Along with understandable apprehensions and day 1 nerves, our students arrived in good spirits and are absolutely thrilled to be at school for a wonderful 2022 academic year inshallah. Our superstar staff are onsite and ready to assist, support and comfort our students throughout their learning journey.

ICOMTalks Podcast #4 – Basma Alo, Layal El Rifai, Nosayba Aljibaly

Episode #4 of our ICOMTalks podcast has just been released in anticipation of ICOM’s Hijab Day celebrations being held this Friday, 4th of February!
Our 2021 College Captain Basma Alo is joined by Year 12 student Layal El Rifai and Year 10 student Nosayba Aljibaly to discuss all things Hijab during this special edition of the podcast filmed especially for Hijab Day.

2021 Year 12 University Offers

The Islamic College of Melbourne is incredibly excited to announce that 100% of our Year 12 students who graduated with us in 2021 have been offered University offers in the field of their choice for 2022. May they follow their dreams and career aspirations and continue to make their teachers and families proud.

2021 VCE Dux and High Achievers

The Islamic College of Melbourne is extremely proud to announce our VCE 2021 Dux & High Achievers. Our Year 12 students attained impressively high results across the board with our College Dux, Ammar Qidwai achieving an impressive ATAR score of 97.50! With an incredibly bright future ahead for all of our class of 2021, we wish them all the very best in everything they aim to achieve in the future In sha’Allah.

2021 Secondary Teachers Appreciation Day

During our recent Secondary Awards Night, the College had the opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work coming out of our Visual Communication and Design students and IB Diploma TOK and CAS exhibitions in Secondary. To coincide with this, we also acknowledged ICOM’s Teacher Appreciation Day during the night’s celebrations, surprising our valued superstar Secondary teachers with a small gift to commend their efforts. Thank you to all our ICOM teachers for your contributions, dedication, passion and commitment.

2021 Secondary Awards Night

To mark the end of the 2021 academic year for our Secondary students the College held it’s annual Secondary Awards Night where many of our Secondary students received awards, praise and acknowledgement for their tireless effort and invariably high results in their subject of choice for 2021. Alongside our internal academic awards and scholarships our Secondary students were also awarded the 2021 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar’s Award and the 2021 ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork awards.

2021 Year 12 Graduation

Join us in congratulating our Class of 2021 Year 12 students on their recent Year 12 Graduation! Despite the adversities that our Year 12 students have faced, they have shown perseverance and great tenacity throughout their VCE studies, all graduating with great success, with some even receiving awards in their selected field of specialization. Once again, the College wishes our Year 12 graduates all the very best in all that they pursue, and we ask Allah SWT to bless them and their families in this life and the hereafter.

2021 Year 6 Graduation

This year our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony was one to remember, with our 2021 Year 6 Students making their long awaited transition into Secondary schooling with excitement and optimism for what 2022 will bring.

2021 Principal’s Lunch

On the 30th of November, the College held a very special Principal’s Lunch for all of our Primary students who earned the highest amount of ClassDojo points this year. ClassDojo points are awarded based on work ethic, behavior, leadership skills and more. For our students who reached the platinum level, the Principal’s Lunch was a great way to truly reward our Primary students for their hard work and efforts this year.

School Dental Initiative

Continuing this week at ICOM, we have the School Dental Initiative on-site thanks to our partnership with Australian Dental Health Victoria. This initiative provides a complimentary full dental examination and two small diagnostic x-rays, remineralisation of teeth and fissure seals if required for our ICOM Foundation-Year 8 students. Along with a written treatment plan, if further treatment is required this can also be arranged after parents have been contacted. We encourage all of our students to always take good care of their teeth, health and wellbeing.

2021 Debating Lunch

On Tuesday 23rd November, the ICOM Senior Debating Team were treated to a celebratory lunch to say thank you and congratulations on their incredible debating and public speaking efforts over the course of 2021.
Participation awards were handed out to all teams across Years 9, 10 and 11 and each student had their photo taken with Principal Dr Abdul M. Kamareddine and our Debating Coordinator Mr Carrington.

2021 Pyjama Day

Today at ICOM we are celebrating Pyjama Day with our Primary students wearing their favourite comfy pyjamas to school while making a gold coin donation to an incredibly worthy cause, The Pyjama Foundation who train Pyjama Angels. Pyjama Angels are volunteers from the community who are screened, trained and supported to create positive relationships with children in care; empowering them with learning, life skills and confidence.

Junior Debating Update

On Wednesday 24th November, our undefeated Junior Debating Team consisting of girls from 8C again performed spectacularly, defeating Bacchus Marsh Grammar Team 5. Debating the topic ‘that we prefer children playing team sports to individual sports’, our team argued for the negative, and this time it was Maariya Shaikh, Iraj Rizvi and Khadija Kamran who stepped up to the plate to represent ICOM with incredible results to retain their undefeated status.

2021 Ramadan Fundraising

As part of ICOM’s annual Ramadan fundraising efforts, this year through Human Appeal Australia our Primary departments have raised enough funds to build five water wells for the disadvantaged. Two wells in Pakistan, two in Bangladesh and one in Afghanistan. We would like to thank all of our Primary students and their families for making donations and helping us in achieving this amazing act of charity and generosity. May Allah (SWT) accept your act of charity and reward you all.

Secondary Village Upgrade

As part of the college’s expansion to better facilitate our growing student base, our newly constructed Secondary Village and assembly area has undergone a transformation over the course of Term 3, bringing this new space to life with both colour and creativity. Large format signage has been installed to showcase our newly redesigned college house mascots along with complementary signage to give our Secondary Village a sense of identity.

Debating: Swannie Award WInners

This year, ICOM Secondary Students won two incredible awards in the category of debating and public speaking.
Ali Ali of Year 12 won the top A grade debater, and Nosayba Aljibaly won the top D grade debater for our region under the guidance of ICOM Debating Coordinator Mr Carrington. This is a great honour for our students and the college, and we are incredibly proud of their efforts.

ICOMTalks Podcast #3 – Ali Ali, Imaad Abdul Hafeez, Nawaz Ali Khan

Our College Captain Amir Hussien is joined by fellow Year 12 classmates Ali Ali, Imaad Abdul Hafeez and Nawaz Ali Khan to discuss the topic of Self Progression.

Junior Debating Success

Congratulations to Iraj Rizvi, Mashhuda Ali and Khadija Kamran of Year 8 who came away with an incredible debating win against Bacchus Marsh Grammar in the first round of junior debating which took place on Zoom on Wednesday, 20th of October.

ICOM Live Khutbah Series

Join us tomorrow, Friday the 15th of October, for an ICOM Live Khutbah hosted by College Principal Dr Abdul Kamareddine. Zoom links will be sent to Primary parents via Parent Portal (Seqta Engage) and to Secondary students via email.

New College Air Purifiers

The Islamic College of Melbourne have installed Samsung AX90T air purifiers in every classroom in both our Primary and Secondary Schools. These air purifiers assist in improving ventilation, maintaining a safe environment for our students, and will enable the College to move forward with the state’s plan to have students returning to onsite learning during Term 4 of 2021.

ICOM Students & the GAT: The Age Article

Alongside the anticipated return to on-site attendance for all of our students, this week our Year 12s attended the College to sit the GAT test, a state-wide test that all VCE students who are enrolled in Unit 3 & 4 subjects are required to complete.

New ICOM Science Lab

The College has recently completed works on a brand new Science Laboratory, transforming this space into a state of the art Science Lab to better facilitate our students needs when it comes to all things Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Primary STEM Week Experiments

During ICOM’s 2021 STEM Week, all of our Primary year levels had a science experiment video made for them to watch, learn and enjoy during their remote learning period.

Welcome to Secondary STEM Week

Our Secondary STEM teachers along with Dr Abdul and Mr Koubar introduce our Secondary STEM Week for 2021! Students from both Primary and Secondary will be participating in virtual events as part of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics week.

ICOM Live Khutbah Series

Join us today and next Friday for our ICOM Live Khutbah series. Zoom links will be sent to parents via Parent Portal and to Secondary Students via email.

ICOM Talks Podcast #2: Hamza Balali & Khulud Qureshi

Amir Hussien and Basma Alo, our 2021 Secondary College Captains discuss how they’ve integrated ICOM’s core values into their 2021 covid-19 lockdown, how they’ve been impacted by this situation and what positives they’ve taken from their experiences.

2021 Primary Hajj Week

Monday, 26th of July marked the beginning of Hajj Week here at ICOM. Throughout Hajj Week we had many activities planned for our students. Our Primary Students were given the opportunity to be involved in a practise tawaf that was made around our replica Kaaba, circling the Kaaba counter-clockwise 7 times.

2021 Secondary Hajj Week

ICOM College Principal, Dr Abdul Kamareddine along with our Secondary Sheikh Abdulshaheed Drew and Secondary Quran and Islamic Studies Coordinator Mr Mohammad Hijazi welcome us to Hajj Week @ ICOM for 2021.

ICOM Talks Podcast #1: Amir Hussien & Basma Alo

Amir Hussien and Basma Alo, our 2021 Secondary College Captains discuss how they’ve integrated ICOM’s core values into their 2021 covid-19 lockdown, how they’ve been impacted by this situation and what positives they’ve taken from their experiences.

2021 Primary Character Day

On Thursday, 24th of June to mark the conclusion of Literacy Week and the final day of student attendance for Term 2, our Primary students gathered to participate in one of the most anticipated events of the year, Character Day.

Foundation Bookmark Colouring

On Wednesday, 23rd of June as part of ICOM’s Primary Literacy Week activities many of our Foundation students took part in a bookmark colouring-in competition which they all whole heartedly enjoyed.

2021 Primary Literacy Week

On Monday, 21st of June we kicked off Primary Literacy week at ICOM with a number of extra activities for our Primary students with Lunch-time story telling taking place in the Foundation area while competitions, quizzes and games were being held in our brand new library club rooms.

Secondary Macbeth Incursion

On Wednesday, 16th of June members of the Eagle’s Nest Theatre performed an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ to our Year 9 English students followed by a workshop run by the performers, discussing key ideas, themes, and characterisation present in the play.

Secondary Girls Interschool Football

On Friday, 21st of May our Junior Secondary Girls Interschool Football team were engaged in fierce competition. They faced a strong team of girls from The Grange Secondary College and finished the match with even scores, after both teams went into a 10 minute overtime the ICOM girls ended up losing by only 1 point.

Secondary Debating Update

On Tuesday, 25th May our Senior Secondary students Huzaifa Qidwai and Maryam Al-Gburi attended the Plain English Speaking Award State Heats at Suzanne Cory High School.

Foundation Foost Incursion

On Wednesday, 26th of May our Foundation students participated in an incursion with the team from Foost where they learnt all about healthy eating. This incursion allowed Foundation students to try new foods and encouraged all involved to eat adventurously.

2021 Eid Festival

On Friday the 21st of May we were absolutely thrilled to be able to host one of the College’s most anticipated annual events, the ICOM Eid Festival, for both Primary and Secondary students.

Debating Results: Round 2 & 3

Our Secondary Debating teams have had a busy Term 2 with Rounds 2 and 3 of Interschool Debating taking place recently, and as always, our debaters did exceptionally well in representing the College.

ICOM Insider, Issue 3, 2021.

The third ICOM Newsletter for 2021, our Ramadan edition, has just been released and is brimming with Term 2 activities and news, full of articles, photos and important information for parents & students.

Eid Mubarak from ICOM

From everyone at Islamic College of Melbourne, we wish you Eid Mubarak! The blessed day of Eid is a day of celebration, joy and showing gratitude for all that Allah SWT has given us in our lives. May Allah SWT bless you and your family with strength & good faith, grant all of your prayers and fulfil all of your desires. May he accept your fasting and worship efforts this Ramadan.

Senior Secondary Interschool Football

All the best to our ICOM Interschool Senior Secondary Football team who are following the lead of our Junior Secondary Interschool Football team this week and competing in Interschool sports today. The Senior Secondary boys have a lot of experience behind them but will no doubt be facing strong competition.

Secondary Interschool Football Results

Amazing results from our Secondary Interschool Boys Football team, they are the 2021 overall winners of the Wyndham Cup for AFL and will now progress through to the regional finals in week 10. Our most valuable players on the day were Koda Hawli, Ibrahim Abou-Zeid & Youssof ElHawli. Hard work pays off, well done boys and good luck heading into the regional finals!

Secondary Interschool Football

Good luck to our ICOM Interschool Secondary Football team who are out competing today against others schools in the area. We hope the boys strive to do their absolute best while encouraging their teammates to do the same.

Ramadan Art Club

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan the artistic talents of our students are always on full display. Led by our Secondary Visual Art & Design Teacher, Ms Mihaela Ranga, the Recess Ramadan Art Club has given our Secondary students a new outlet to express themselves during this time of heightened devotion and worship. The purpose of this activity is to celebrate and honour the holy month of Ramadan through the expression of art, allowing students to be fuelled by their creativity while fasting.

Ramadan Man 2021

On Tuesday the 20th of April our Primary students were welcomed back to school by Ramadan Man to mark their first day of Ramadan with us for 2021. Ramadan Man visited all of our Primary classrooms throughout the morning, delivering a very special gift for all students which they could take home and enjoy after breaking their daily fast. Our students were overjoyed to have Ramadan Man with them in their classrooms, they were extremely grateful to have received such a sweet reward.

Welcome Ramadan Assembly

As both Primary & Secondary students started Term 2 today, we would like to wish all parents, staff and students Ramadan Mubarak, we hope you all have a blessed and happy Ramadan this year! To commence our Ramadan events this morning our Primary staff & students held a Ramadan Assembly where students made Quran recitations, performed and spoke about the meaning of Ramadan all while motivating each other through the challenges of this holy month.

Primary Multicultural Day Parade

On Wednesday the 31st of March we celebrated Multicultural Day here at ICOM with activities taking place all across the college. The highlight of the day for our Primary students was our Multicultural Day Parade being held in the ICOM Gymnasium. We focused on 7 countries this year, Bangladesh, Somalia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Lebanon and Palestine.

ICOM Insider, Issue 2, 2021.

The second ICOM Newsletter for 2021 has just been released and is over-flowing with Term 1 activities and news, full of articles, photos and important information for parents & students.
WRAPPING UP A SUCCESSFUL TERM 1: Year 6 Canberra Camp, Primary & Secondary Athletics Carnivals, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Radical Reptiles incursion any much more! View Issue 2 here.

IVET Excellence Award 2021

On Wednesday the 10th of March, Haijer Dennaoui one of ICOM’s Year 12 VET students was awarded the IVET Excellence Award to recognize her incredible efforts during her VCE VET Sport and Recreation studies in 2020.
Haijer displayed an enormous amount of enthusiasm and a keen interest in the subject area, consistently working hard to achieve her personal best. The Excellence Award is an external state-wide award, which gives a large amount of recognition to Haijer! Well done on being nominated by Ms Layal and ultimately winning the award along with a $500 prize.