प्रमुख समाचार

Secondary Macbeth Incursion

On Wednesday, 16th of June members of the Eagle’s Nest Theatre performed an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ to our Year 9 English students followed by a workshop run by the performers, discussing key ideas, themes, and characterisation present in the play.

Macbeth is a studied text for all Year 9 students, this opportunity has allowed our students a chance to deepen their understanding not only of the core concepts of the play, but also the structures, limitations, and key elements present in performing such texts in front of an audience.

The performers’ different experiences with ‘Macbeth’ gave students insight into the differing interpretation of a text, as well as a stronger understanding of the characters and overall plot of the story in a way that is not present in other media such as film.