Acara ICOM

ISSAV Interschool Basketball

We wish our Secondary Interschool Sports Basketball teams all the very best today as they head off into competition. We expect great results from all of our Interschool sports teams competing this week as they always deliver an extremely high level of skill and professionalism during the course of this special week.

Primary Wellbeing: Make your boat float

On Tuesday the 2nd of March our Primary Wellbeing Team put on an interactive stall for our Primary students, setting the task of creating a boat out of only paper.

2021 Primary SRC Presentation

Congratulations to our Primary SRC team for 2021, a strong group of passionate and energetic young leaders with incredibly bright futures ahead of them.

2021 Secondary Information Night

We recently held our annual Secondary Information Night for all Secondary parents. This yearly event is important on many levels, but none more so than providing our valued ICOM parents the opportunity to interact with and get to know their children’s teachers in an informal setting.

2021 Presentasi SRC Sekunder

Mempersembahkan Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa Sekunder 2021 kami yang terdiri dari Wakil Kapten Kelas & Kapten Kelas, Kapten DPR dan Wakil Kapten Perguruan Tinggi & Kapten Perguruan Tinggi!
Selamat untuk Anda semua, semoga Anda memimpin dengan bangga dan berjuang untuk kehebatan dalam segala hal yang Anda lakukan.