ICOM نیوز

Secondary Workshop – Year 8

Islamic College of Melbourne’s Secondary programs, Junior and Senior, are often described as exemplary; these programs are among some of the most strategic, considered & highly valued in the secondary education category.

From the opportunities that we make available for our students to the flexible study arrangements & varied pathways that can be accessed, ICOM is always looking for new ways to improve and build on our Secondary offering.

This week, it was with great honor that our inaugural Beyond Year 8 workshop sessions and official information night were held, with all of our Year 8 students and their parents being invited to take part in special events held by the College.

Year 8 students were involved in a series of workshops to better prepare them for the Senior Secondary studies that await them, with multiple hands-on activities being ran alongside the VET, VCE, IB and SAP stations which continued to give our Year 8 students a feel of what some of their senior secondary subjects will entail.