ICOM نیوز

Hajj Week 2023

To mark the beginning of Hajj Week at ICOM, our Secondary cohort rallied together during a very special assembly last Wednesday.
The assembly consisted of insightful Hajj talks, reminders as well as Arabic Poetry presented by Year 10 student, Muhtadi Kamereldin. This special assembly was hosted by ICOM College Captains, Imran Hussien and Sumaiyya Baloch.
The assembly became even more memorable when some of our Senior Secondary students appeared riding camels, making a grand entrance before making their way to the Kaaba to perform tawaf.
Students had an incredible week of learning and celebration as they embarked on a journey of the different stages of Hajj. They explored various stations, where each stage was explained. From the Tawaf around the Kabaa to sipping the blessed Zam Zam water and the journey between Safa and Marwa, our students embraced the essence of this sacred pilgrimage.
The journey continued as they experienced the atmosphere of Arafat and got to get a feel for the Mina tents.
As part of our Hajj Week activities the camel rides continued as all of our Senior Primary & Secondary students were able to experience what it feels like to ride one of these amazing animals.
To add to the excitement, Hajj week was filled with activities for students to partake in, such as the Amazing race, where students raced through challenges and winners were rewarded with prizes. Our secondary students sold warm Sahlab during lunch time and hosted a masbaha workshop where students got to make their own.
It was truly an enriching experience. May we all be granted a visit to Hajj inshaaAllah