ICOM نیوز

Ramadan Assembly

The ICOM Ramadan assembly was a great way for students and teachers to come together to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan.
Our Principal addressed the students, emphasising the significance of the present moment: the privilege of witnessing another Ramadan, granted to us by the grace of Allah swt. He led us in reciting the intention for the entire month, guiding us to renew our commitment to spiritual growth and devotion.
From the beautifully recited Quran to a speech about the virtues of Ramadan and how to get rid of bad habits by our talented students to the Ramadan Nasheed by our ILIAS students, every moment was filled with inspiration and unity.
This was followed by an insightful speech by our School Captain, Wajeeha Batool Raza, where she spoke about the preciousness of time and the significance of utilising it wisely during this blessed month. A powerful reminder of making the most of every moment in our journey of self-reflection and spiritual growth.
After the assembly, each Secondary classroom was visited by our Ramadan Man, while Primary Classrooms were visited by Zaky and both distributed gifts generously provided by the school.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this assembly a memorable and enriching experience. May this month bring us closer to our faith.
Ramadan Mubarak to all!