year 6 graduation

Year 6 Graduation 2022

On 2nd December 2022, an unforgettable event unfolded at the Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre as proud friends and family gathered to celebrate the graduating class of 2022 – the year 6 students bidding farewell to their primary school years.
The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the young graduates, adorned in their elegant gowns, sashes, and mortarboard hats, prepared to embrace this milestone. The evening commenced with a touching recitation of the Quran, setting the tone for a night of reflection and appreciation.

2021 Year 6 Graduation

This year our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony was one to remember, with our 2021 Year 6 Students making their long awaited transition into Secondary schooling with excitement and optimism for what 2022 will bring.

التخرج 2020 للعام السادس

أقيم حفل التخرج للعام السادس من ICOM لعام 2020 في 27 نوفمبر ، مما منح طلاب السنة 6 لدينا فرصة أخيرة للتأمل في سنوات الدراسة الابتدائية الخاصة بهم والتذكر مع معلميهم وزملائهم في الفصل.