Primary Incursions

2022 Anti-Bullying Day at ICOM

On Friday, 25th of March, we celebrated our annual Anti-Bullying Day at ICOM! With most of our Primary students dressed in blue to show their unified stance on bullying, this event was incredibly successful with our Primary students all taking part in team-based games and book readings with the Principal, we had donuts and baked treats on sale at lunch time with all proceeds going to charity.

Saving Lil & Archie Primary Incursion

On Wednesday, 16th of February, our Year 5 and Year 6 students were invited to experience an amazing live theatre incursion performed by the talented performers at Brainstorm Productions, titled “Saving Lil & Archie”. Taken from the Brainstorm Productions website: “This exciting live performance shows students how to regulate their emotions and connect with people in a positive way. It explores strategies for the safe use of technology, dealing with bullying and getting the right balance between screen time, sleep, exercise and face-to-face communication.”

2022 Growing is Knowing Incursion

On Friday, 4th of February, to coincide with ICOM’s Hijab Day, the Islamic College of Melbourne held an educational information session for all Year 5 students where mature-age topics relating to the hijab, faith and Islam are explained and discussed. This extensive, one-off session provides our students with a greater understanding of what expectations lie ahead for them in life and why these expectations are so important. This information session is held for Year 5 students every year and is an integral part of their developmental studies.

Foundation Foost Incursion

On Wednesday, 26th of May our Foundation students participated in an incursion with the team from Foost where they learnt all about healthy eating. This incursion allowed Foundation students to try new foods and encouraged all involved to eat adventurously.