Actualités de l'ICOM

Literacy Week 2023

In celebration of Reading, we held our annual Primary Literacy Week between the 19th – 22nd of June. Throughout the week, students were treated to a diverse range of activities that kept them thoroughly entertained; activities ranging from multiple storytelling sessions during recess and lunch, Interactive sessions, book stalls, cake and donut stalls, there was never a dull moment in the College.
Primary SRC students also had a stall selling books that were donated by students in order to buy new ones to donate to local childcares to nurture a love for reading from a young age.
Literacy Week served as a testament to the power of books and imagination in shaping young minds. The event fostered a love for reading and provided a avenue for students to express their creativity once again.
As the semester drew close to an end, the grand finale took the form of a spectacular character parade during a special assembly held on students’ last day of the semester. Students dressed in costumes inspired by their favourite book or movie characters, showcasing their imaginative spirit.
Our college principal, Dr Abdul M. Kamareddine entertained the students by reading ‘What Are You Supposed Be?’ by Paul Beavis during the assembly. Our students were not only captivated by the storytelling but also delighted by the accompanying sound effects.
Students were also surprised by a special visit from Snow White, Batman and Mickey Mouse adding a special element of excitement to the parade. Each class had the opportunity to parade their costumes to the school by walking around the gym for everyone to see.