ICOM Principal, Dr. Abdul Kamareddine

Bienvenue du principal

Notre objectif au Collège islamique de Melbourne est d'éduquer et d'encourager vos enfants, nos étudiants, à exceller dans tout ce qu'ils poursuivent dans leur vie.

Découvrez l'ICOM

Home to close to 1,600 students from foundation to Year 12 with more than 165 caring staff wnous sommes une communauté représentant plus de 40 cultures différentes.

Nous sommes fiers de notre éthique multiculturelle et de la façon dont notre communauté collabore pour faire la différence et avec un programme d'études rigoureux notre collège est construit sur le meilleur des normes éducatives victoriennes et australiennes.


Actualités et événements de l'ICOM

Secondary Workshop – Year 8

Islamic College of Melbourne’s Secondary programs, Junior and Senior, are often described as exemplary; these programs are among some of the most strategic, considered & highly valued in the secondary education category. From the opportunities that we make available for our students to the flexible study arrangements & varied pathways that can be accessed, ICOM is always looking for new ways to improve and build on our Secondary offering.

2022 Secondary Celebrating Eid

During our Annual Eid Festival held last Friday our Secondary students also seized the opportunity to participate in the day’s events, enjoying many of the larger rides specifically brought onto College grounds for our senior students to engage with and enjoy. We also held a Secondary students VS teachers soccer match which was very competitive, an ICOM tradition which takes place each and every year.

2022 Primary Celebrating Eid

On Friday, 13th of May the College’s Annual Eid Festival took place, our biggest celebration to date! Our Primary students were absolutely overjoyed to take part in all of the activities and festivities that were arranged for them, including many rides, attractions and a petting zoo with many different baby animals including alpacas, rabbits & chickens for our students to care for and enjoy.

2022 NAPLAN Test

Over the next two weeks our Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 students along with 1.2 million other students Australia-wide will be sitting their NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN is an assessment program designed to test the literacy and numeracy capabilities of students at various stages of their educational journey. These standardised tests assess students’ reading, writing, language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy and are administered by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Year 7 Circus Skills

This week, as part of our Secondary Leadership, Careers & Pastoral Care Program, our Year 7 students have been taken out of their comfort zones and are in training for something exciting. All of our Year 7 students are developing their circus skills through a series of physical incursions such as juggling, plate spinning, using hula hoops, performing acrobatics & more.

2022 Senior Debating Round 2

On Wednesday 30th of March our incredible Secondary debating teams headed off to Williamstown High School to compete in Round 2 of Senior Debating for 2022. We had a very successful evening with four debate wins and four best speaker awards, Warresha Akhtar of Year 11, Nosayba Aljibaly and Afifa Khan of Year 10, and Adam Yahia of Year 9 all were awarded best speaker on the night, congratulations to them!

2022 Primary Athletics Carnival

Recently our Annual Primary Athletics Carnival took place over two action-packed days at Wootten Road Reserve. During day 1, all of Junior Primary enjoyed an introduction to athletics with many special activities tailored to younger students while our Senior Primary students were able to compete and rally on their housemates while taking part in all of the traditional athletics events during the second day.

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