Welcome to Junior Years

The Junior Years 7&8

Stepping into Exploration Embarking on the pivotal journey into Secondary College, the Junior Years hold a phase of Discovery in Learning. We lay emphasis on Curriculum, Assessment, and Pedagogy that invite exploration and investigation. Here, learning is tailored to spark the innate curiosity and wonder that naturally resides in young minds, laying a foundation for a lifelong love of knowledge.

Year 7 camp is filled with leadership & team building activities where students develop resilience and social skills.  The camp allows our students to venture out of their comfort zone and interact with nature.

À l'ICOM, nous continuons à progresser de manière exponentielle dans toutes les directions possibles. Notre objectif est de voir nos étudiants obtenir leur diplôme en tant que jeunes musulmans australiens indépendants, responsables et critiques.

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