Welcome to Junior Secondary

At the Islamic College of Melbourne we deliver the Victorian Curriculum through years 7–9. Our academic year is filled with special events, themed weeks, incursions & excursions, school camps, sporting activities, awards ceremonies, information sessions and many other extra-curricular activities.

We believe that a positive relationship with the parents, students and the school is a vital and critical aspect for the academic growth of our Junior Secondary students.

Departments work together to showcase their special weeks, such as Literacy and Humanities Week, STEM Week, Hajj Week, Arabic Week and R U OK Day while our Secondary Athletics Carnival allows students to showcase their athletic skills where they face off against each other in fierce competition every year.

Year 7 and 9 camps are filled with leadership & team building activities where students develop resilience and social skills.  The camp allows our students to venture out of their comfort zone and interact with nature. We also offer selected boys from Year 9 the opportunity to perform Umrah and offer selected students from Year 10 the opportunity to partake in an overseas leadership trip.

At ICOM we continue to progress exponentially in every possible direction. We aim to see our students graduate as independent, responsible and critical thinking young Australian Muslims.

Mr Fadi Koubar
Vice Principal/Head of Secondary
Ms Sahrina Shafiz
Head of Junior Secondary