VCE Selection

What is VCE?

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a single certificate requiring students to satisfactorily complete at least 16 units of study. The VCE is a two-year course that is usually undertaken in years 11 and 12 of secondary school.

The VCE subjects are known as Studies. They can be selected from three broad areas, these being:

  • Arts/Humanities
  • Maths/Science/Technology
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Each VCE Study consists of 4 units which are completed over two years with each unit representing one semester’s work. Each unit consists of at least 50 hours of class time. Units 1 and two are studied in year 11· Units 3 and Unit 4 are studied in year 12 as a sequence (both units must be completed in the same year).

Students can effectively begin VCE at year 10. The VCE provides flexibility and allows students to choose a study program that best caters to their needs and interests. The most important requirement when planning the study program is that it meets the requirements for satisfactory completion of the VCE and importantly it meets the prerequisites for tertiary courses that students are aspiring to enter.

Students undertaking the VCE will be required to complete externally set examinations as well as being exposed to a wide-ranging variety of assessment tasks which will need to be completed within class time and therefore within a limited time frame. A VCE student must, therefore, be able to cope with the pressure of completing good quality work within a limited time and completing assessment tasks for more than one subject in any given week. Excellent organisation, time management skills and independent study habits are the keys to success in VCE.

Students need to be aware that the VCE is a two-year course and that Units 1 & 2 studied in Year 10 and Year 11 to contribute to the overall assessment and satisfactory completion of the minimum requirements of 16 units to be awarded the VCE.

School Assessed Coursework and Examination grades for Units 3 & 4 are used to determine the ATAR at the end of year 12.

Minimum requirements to obtain the VCE

To be awarded the VCE, the minimum requirement is satisfactory completion of 16 units which must include:

  • From 2018 a student must have S results for a Unit 3–4 sequence from the English Group to complete the VCE satisfactorily. The English Group includes English, English as an Additional Language, English Language and Literature.
  • At least three sequences of Unit 3–4 studies other than English, which may include any number of English sequences once the English requirement has been met.

Rigour in all Learning Areas will is enabled through the development of learning experiences which are assessed according to the Victorian curriculum. The Learning Areas of English and Mathematics are implemented daily.

Year 10, 2021

VCE at the Islamic College of Melbourne begins in Year 10.

All Year 10 students will start their VCE in selected Unit 1 & 2 studies. The following rules will apply to Year 10 students:

  1. All students will study Units 1 & 2 Bridging English
  2. All student will study Units 1 & 2 Foundation Mathematics with selected students able to study Units 1 & 2 General Maths (refer to promotion policy in the handbook)
  3. All students will have an opportunity to choose one other VCE or VCE/VET subject from:
    1. Units 1 & 2 Health & Human Development
    2. VCE/VET Certificate II in Information Digital Media & Technology
    3. VCE/VET Certificate II in Business
    4. VCE/VET Certificate III in Allied Health (refer to promotion policy)

Year 11, 2021

Students are required to study Units 1 & 2 English plus four other Unit 1 & 2 subjects of their choice, this may include a maximum of 2 VET subjects. During this year students will also complete one subject at level 3 or 4. Subject selection will be based on the course or career choice indicated by the student.

Year 12, 2021

Students are required to continue the study of Units 3 & 4 English plus 4 other unit 3 & 4 subjects. Under exceptional circumstances students may study a minimum of 16 units which must include units 3 & 4 English.

Selecting a VCE Program

Before making a final decision about their VCE program of study students are strongly advised to:

  1. Search about careers that may interest them.
  2. Search specific tertiary courses and the prerequisite requirements for entry into those courses.
  3. Read the structure of the VCE course (refer to the 2021 VCE Handbook).
  4. Read the subject descriptions outlined in the subject selection section of the 2021 VCE Handbook.
  5. Students should also speak to subject teachers, the VCE coordinator and the careers advisor for additional information.

The VTAC website – allows students to carry out course research and to ensure that the study program they wish to select meets the required prerequisites for future tertiary study. For some courses, the VTAC website also gives students an indication of the ATAR score requirements for entry into a tertiary course.

When deciding on subject choices, students need to ensure that subjects chosen for Year 11 correspond with the future subject choices for Year 12 and the required prerequisites for tertiary study, as it may be challenging to change subjects halfway through the course.

The College reserves the right to make the final decision regarding each student’s subject and course choice.

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)

  • Year 12 students will apply for their University/TAFE courses in September through VTAC.
  • Students can choose eight different courses.
  • Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre is responsible for the calculation of the ATAR and sending student results to the various institutions.
  • Students are then selected and given an offer into a course.