Vocational Education (VET)

VET Overview

VCE VET programs are vocational training programs approved by VCAA. VCE VET programs lead to nationally recognised qualifications, thereby offering students the opportunity to gain both the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificate. VCE VET programs are fully recognised within the Units 1 to 4 structure of the VCE and contribute towards satisfactory completion of the VCE. VCE VET units have the same status as other VCE units.

VET enables students to acquire workplace skills through nationally recognised training described within an industry-developed training package or an accredited course. An RTO issues a VET qualification. The achievement of a VET qualification signifies that a student has demonstrated competency against the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively in the workplace. VET delivered to secondary students is the same as all other VET.

The Islamic College of Melbourne will be offering four VCE/VET subjects in 2020:

  • VET Certificate II and III in Business:
    This program is drawn from a national training package and offers portable qualifications which are recognised throughout Australia. These qualifications provide students with a broad range of knowledge and skills to pursue a career or further training in the business industry. The Certificate II and III in Business provide a pathway for students who wish to continue with their business studies into higher education.

Download the Course Guide for VET Business here.


  • VCE VET Certificate II Information, Digital Media Technology (IDMT):
    This program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and competency that will enhance their training and employment prospects in the information and communications technology or related industries. The course enable participants to gain a recognised credential and to make an informed choice of vocation or career path. The certificate will be credited through the iVET Australia. Students can continue into the Certificate III of the course in year 12.

Download the Course Guide for VET Information, Digital Media Technology here.


  • VCE VET Certificate III in Sport and Recreation:
    This program provides students with the skills and knowledge to work in the Sport and Recreation industry. In Units 1 and 2, students can choose from a range of electives to create a program of their choice, including sport specific activities, conducting events, outdoor recreation or fitness programs. Units 3 and 4 offers scored assessment and includes core units such as conduct basic warm-up and cool-down programs, plan and conduct programs, risk assessment, and control and knowledge of coaching practices. The certificate will be credited through iVET Australia.

Download the Course Guide for VET Sport and Recreation here.


  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance (incorporating HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance):
    This program provides students with the knowledge and skills that will enhance their employment prospects in the Health industry. These qualifications cover workers who provide assistance to allied health professionals and other health professionals with the care of clients.

Download the Course Guide for VET Allied Health Assistance here.