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Primary Multicultural Day

Our students have been immersed in learning about various cultures throughout the week. We were treated to a spectacular showcase of talent, culture, and connection at our Primary Multicultural Assembly. From Palestine to the indigenous Australians, Native Americans to Māori each culture was showcased with pride and respect.
The energy was palpable as your young performers took the stage. We were treated to a mesmerising Palestinian Dabke performance, vibrant play depicting the enchanting story of how birds got their colours, and a soul-stirring rendition of Palestinian Nasheed.
The beats of the didgeridoo echoed through the school grounds as we were captivated by an interactive Aboriginal performance. With every beat students were transported to the ancient lands of Australia.
And let’s not forget the electrifying Māori Hakka, an inspiring performance evoking a deep sense of strength, unity and cultural legacy that left us all utterly mesmerised.
The week was not just about celebrating difference; it was about embracing them, learning from them, and coming together as a community united in our diversity.
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