2021 Principal’s Lunch

On the 30th of November, the College held a very special Principal’s Lunch for all of our Primary students who earned the highest amount of ClassDojo points this year. ClassDojo points are awarded based on work ethic, behavior, leadership skills and more. For our students who reached the platinum level, the Principal’s Lunch was a great way to truly reward our Primary students for their hard work and efforts this year.

School Dental Initiative

Continuing this week at ICOM, we have the School Dental Initiative on-site thanks to our partnership with Australian Dental Health Victoria. This initiative provides a complimentary full dental examination and two small diagnostic x-rays, remineralisation of teeth and fissure seals if required for our ICOM Foundation-Year 8 students. Along with a written treatment plan, if further treatment is required this can also be arranged after parents have been contacted. We encourage all of our students to always take good care of their teeth, health and wellbeing.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

On Wednesday the 10th of March our Foundation students participated in an engaging & educational themed day as they embarked upon their very first teddy bear’s picnic! The Foundation students were all invited to bring their favourite teddy bear or soft toy to school with them as they took part in a day packed full of activities focused around teddy bears and involving their toys in the fun.

During literacy and numeracy classes our Foundation students were excited to find the theme of the day was present here too, other activities included teddy bear counting, making their very own teddy bear apron, designing teddy bear head bands to wear for the day, teddy bear sorting and having teddy bear biscuits with chocolate milk for a snack and of course, fairy bread as a treat during lunch time.