Year 7 Circus Skills

This week, as part of our Secondary Leadership, Careers & Pastoral Care Program, our Year 7 students have been taken out of their comfort zones and are in training for something exciting. All of our Year 7 students are developing their circus skills through a series of physical incursions such as juggling, plate spinning, using hula hoops, performing acrobatics & more.

Secondary Macbeth Incursion

On Wednesday, 16th of June members of the Eagle’s Nest Theatre performed an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ to our Year 9 English students followed by a workshop run by the performers, discussing key ideas, themes, and characterisation present in the play.

High Resolves Social Progress Incursion

Recently our Secondary SAP & Secondary SRC students took part in the High Resolves Social Progress incursion.
While being immersed in an energetic simulation of how countries deal with issues such as global warming, students were able to take on roles that involved negotiation, leadership and developing strategies to form collective action on important international social, economic and political issues.