Multicultural Day 2023

At ICOM’s Annual Multicultural Day, we saw culture come alive, as we celebrated all our rich differences with acceptance and unity.
It was incredible to see our students representing both their traditional cultures and chosen Wonder Countries – Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Mexico, China and Jordan.
The day started off with a College assembly, that brought together our Primary and Secondary Schools.
With performances, speeches and competitions, it was great to see our students celebrating this fantastic day together! Mostly, we remembered that Australia unites us all and we are so fortunate to be here and celebrating together!
What an amazing way to end the term, Alhamdulilah!
As part of the Multicultural Day Assembly, a group of selected Year 12 students and the College Principal put together a performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole school.
Bey Coronation was the title of the performance which is inspired by the Ertugrul series and the Kayi tribe which led to the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.
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