Junior Secondary Overview

Welcome to Junior Secondary!

The Islamic College of Melbourne, we deliver the Victorian Curriculum to our Year 7 to Year 9, with up to date technology and resources.
ICOM has progressed exponentially in every possible educational direction.

We hope to see our students graduate from Islamic College of Melbourne as independent, responsible and critical thinking young Australian Muslims.

The Islamic College of Melbourne believes that partnership with parents is critical; which provides us with an opportunity to meet with the parents and discuss the progress of our students.

Dr Mahmoud Eid, Head of Secondary
Ms.Sahrina Shafiz, Junior Secondary Co-ordinator
Eid_Dr Mahmoud1
Ms Sahrina Shafiz

Curriculum Overview

Rigour in all learning areas is enabled through the development of learning experiences which assessed according to the Victorian Curriculum.

There are assessments conducted during the term as per the evaluation and reporting policy. Any student who misses an assessment with a valid reason and provides a medical certificate is allowed another chance to complete the evaluation. All assessment results are collected and analysed; this data is used by the school to inform the teaching-learning process. Results are used to determine our Secondary Accelerated Program classes.

The SAP classes encourage students to probe deeper into the concepts taught. The content is the same as mainstream classes – Victorian Curriculum.

The purpose of SAP class is to stimulate, challenge and motivate students towards higher levels of thinking and achievement. Students in this program will be in a culture of high expectations and will be offered extended work as part of a tailored curriculum mainly in the Maths, Science, English & Humanities subjects.

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