Secondary Girls Interschool Football

On Friday, 21st of May our Junior Secondary Girls Interschool Football team were engaged in fierce competition. They faced a strong team of girls from The Grange Secondary College and finished the match with even scores, after both teams went into a 10 minute overtime the ICOM girls ended up losing by only 1 point.

Senior Secondary Interschool Football

All the best to our ICOM Interschool Senior Secondary Football team who are following the lead of our Junior Secondary Interschool Football team this week and competing in Interschool sports today. The Senior Secondary boys have a lot of experience behind them but will no doubt be facing strong competition.

Secondary Interschool Football Results

Amazing results from our Secondary Interschool Boys Football team, they are the 2021 overall winners of the Wyndham Cup for AFL and will now progress through to the regional finals in week 10. Our most valuable players on the day were Koda Hawli, Ibrahim Abou-Zeid & Youssof ElHawli. Hard work pays off, well done boys and good luck heading into the regional finals!

Primary Interschool Cricket

Our Primary Interschool Sports cricket teams were competing last week and achieved spectacular results. Both of our teams made the finals on the day with the ICOM girls finishing in 1st place overall.
Congratulations to all of our ICOM cricketers who competed on the day, we look forward to seeing you all put to the test again in the future.

Primary Interschool Basketball

Both our male and female Primary Interschool Sports basketball teams were out and about last Wednesday as they took on some fierce competition.
All of the students who took part put their best foot forward,
displaying brilliant skills while being humble and well mannered in both victory and defeat.

Interschool Futsal Results

Last week during the Secondary Interschool Sports carnival the ICOM girls Futsal team defeated AIA placing first overall and bringing the cup, scoring 4 goals to 1. The matches were competitive but in the end our girls prevailed, closing out the day impressively with Ayah Kaddour receiving the golden boot award for scoring an incredible 18 goals over 4 games.

Our Secondary boys Futsal team also did incredibly well on the day, finishing in second place overall. Well done to all of our Secondary students who competed last week, your sporting achievements reflect your drive, focus and discipline.

Interschool Basketball Winners

Congratulations to both of our Secondary Interschool Basketball teams who, as expected, performed exceptionally well this week!

Our Secondary girls Interschool Basketball team (Mariam Taha, Reehana Ibrahim, Razan Kamaredin, Anam Ali, Ayan Ali, Admira Ali, Yasmine Al Nachar, Khadra El Hawli & Jilnar El Bob) placed 1st overall defeating AIA in the grand final, 24-2 while the Secondary boys Interschool Basketball team (Aniq Arizan, Imran Hussein, Mohammad Chaolk, Talal Al Hawli, Sharif Hika, Noah El Houli, Mahmoud Chehade, Daniyal Rafaqat, Rafat El Houli & Zane Taleb) placed 2nd overall.