ICOM ਗੈਲਰੀ

Welcome Term 2

Now that the festivities are over, it’s time to dive back into the excitement of school life for Term 2!

Secondary Multicultural Day

The atmosphere was electrified as the rhythmic beats of the Didgeridoo filled the air, showcasing the Indigenous Australians’ rich culture.

Primary Multicultural Day

Our students have been immersed in learning about various cultures throughout the week. We were treated to a spectacular showcase of talent, culture, and connection at our Primary Multicultural Assembly. From Palestine to the indigenous Australians, Native Americans to Māori each culture was showcased with pride and respect.

Ramadan Assembly

From the beautifully recited Quran to a speech about the virtues of Ramadan and how to get rid of bad habits by our talented students to the Ramadan Nasheed by our ILIAS students, every moment was filled with inspiration and unity.

Ramadan Mubarak

Wishing you all a month filled with Iman, dua, patience and countless blessing.

Be Kind Day

Throughout the day, our school turned into a playground of kindness, with stations filled with joy and creativity. From face painting, colouring and kindness jars emphasising the importance of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teaching of kindness and compassion, and today we embodied those values in all our activities.

Foundation First Day

Parents joined their little scholars in their classrooms, where our dedicated teachers warmly welcomed both students and families.

ICOM New Building Launch

With distinguished guests joining us for the opening ceremony, our 2024 Junior School Captains joined our Principal Dr Abdul M. Kamareddine in officially opening the building!

2024 First Day Back

The campus was buzzing with excitement as students reunited with their friends and teachers welcomed their eager students back with open arms.

Year 12 Graduation 2023

On 2nd December 2022, an unforgettable event unfolded at the Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre as proud friends and family gathered to celebrate the graduating class of 2022 – the year 6 students bidding farewell to their primary school years.
The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the young graduates, adorned in their elegant gowns, sashes, and mortarboard hats, prepared to embrace this milestone. The evening commenced with a touching recitation of the Quran, setting the tone for a night of reflection and appreciation.

Bachar Houli Cup 2023

We are thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement by our talented year 9 and 10 girls who triumphed on August 9th in the Bachar Houli Cup. The girl’s dedication, teamwork and sheer determination led them to a well-deserved victory. Their performance on the field showcased not only their athletic abilities but also their passion for the game.
Congratulations to the girls for showcasing the power of hard work and teamwork in achieving success on the AFL stage!

Career Expo 2023

Friday the 4th of August ICOM hosted its annual Careers expo 2023.
It was a fantastic opportunity for our talented students from years 9-12 to dive into the world of possibilities and explore their future pathways. With representatives from various universities and experts from diverse fields, our students had the chance to engage in meaningful conversations and gain valuable insights into their potential career journeys.

Literacy Week 2023

In celebration of Reading, we held our annual Primary Literacy Week between the 19th – 22nd of June. Throughout the week, students were treated to a diverse range of activities that kept them thoroughly entertained; activities ranging from multiple storytelling sessions during recess and lunch, Interactive sessions, book stalls, cake and donut stalls, there was never a dull moment in the College.
Primary SRC students also had a stall selling books that were donated by students in order to buy new ones to donate to local childcares to nurture a love for reading from a young age.

Hajj Week 2023

To mark the beginning of Hajj Week at ICOM, our Secondary cohort rallied together during a very special assembly last Wednesday.
The assembly consisted of insightful Hajj talks, reminders as well as Arabic Poetry presented by Year 10 student, Muhtadi Kamereldin. This special assembly was hosted by ICOM College Captains, Imran Hussien and Sumaiyya Baloch.

Quran Awards Night 2023

The Islamic College of Melbourne recently held its Annual Quran Awards Night, celebrating all of our students across Primary & Secondary Schools who memorise, recite & excel at their Quranic studies.
It was an evening like no other, with performances and celebrations rivalling many of our other large-scale events. All of our super-star students and dedicated teaching staff & parents in attendance made this special ceremony truly incredible.

Eid Festival 2023

On Friday the 28th of April, we celebrated one of the most anticipated and exciting days of the year, our annual EID Festival!
Marking the end of Ramadan and the start to Term 2, the college was turned into a thrilling, action-packed theme park, bringing both our Primary and Secondary schools together to celebrate Eid the ICOM way.
Teachers and students shared the day, with smiles from ear to ear, bellies full of delicious food and great memories created, that will be remembered for years to come!

Multicultural Day 2023

At ICOM’s Annual Multicultural Day, we saw culture come alive, as we celebrated all our rich differences with acceptance and unity.
It was incredible to see our students representing both their traditional cultures and chosen Wonder Countries – Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Mexico, China and Jordan.
The day started off with a College assembly, that brought together our Primary and Secondary Schools.

Primary Iftar Night 2023

Last Friday, the College hosted our Annual Primary School Iftar with special guest, Mahde Hallab.
Mahde is a Law Student at Monash University whose passion is to Empower Muslim Youth through Mentoring and Communication. He delivered an entertaining and engaging speech which was well received by our students.

Iftar Night 2023

Ramadan is always a busy and exciting time at ICOM. Last Friday, the College hosted a successful iftar for the Secondary School students, a night filled with Islamic reminders, poems, Nasheeds and quizzes. It was a beautiful sight of students and staff participating in the competitions, enjoying breaking their fast together and thoroughly enjoying the Iftar program in this blessed month.
The Year 12 students stayed behind and had a spiritual Qiyam night at the College.

Year 6 Graduation 2022

On 2nd December 2022, an unforgettable event unfolded at the Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre as proud friends and family gathered to celebrate the graduating class of 2022 – the year 6 students bidding farewell to their primary school years.
The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the young graduates, adorned in their elegant gowns, sashes, and mortarboard hats, prepared to embrace this milestone. The evening commenced with a touching recitation of the Quran, setting the tone for a night of reflection and appreciation.

Secondary Workshop – Year 8

Islamic College of Melbourne’s Secondary programs, Junior and Senior, are often described as exemplary; these programs are among some of the most strategic, considered & highly valued in the secondary education category. From the opportunities that we make available for our students to the flexible study arrangements & varied pathways that can be accessed, ICOM is always looking for new ways to improve and build on our Secondary offering.

2022 Secondary Celebrating Eid

During our Annual Eid Festival held last Friday our Secondary students also seized the opportunity to participate in the day’s events, enjoying many of the larger rides specifically brought onto College grounds for our senior students to engage with and enjoy. We also held a Secondary students VS teachers soccer match which was very competitive, an ICOM tradition which takes place each and every year.

2022 Primary Celebrating Eid

On Friday, 13th of May the College’s Annual Eid Festival took place, our biggest celebration to date! Our Primary students were absolutely overjoyed to take part in all of the activities and festivities that were arranged for them, including many rides, attractions and a petting zoo with many different baby animals including alpacas, rabbits & chickens for our students to care for and enjoy.

2022 NAPLAN Test

Over the next two weeks our Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 students along with 1.2 million other students Australia-wide will be sitting their NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN is an assessment program designed to test the literacy and numeracy capabilities of students at various stages of their educational journey. These standardised tests assess students’ reading, writing, language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy and are administered by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Year 7 Circus Skills

This week, as part of our Secondary Leadership, Careers & Pastoral Care Program, our Year 7 students have been taken out of their comfort zones and are in training for something exciting. All of our Year 7 students are developing their circus skills through a series of physical incursions such as juggling, plate spinning, using hula hoops, performing acrobatics & more.

2022 Senior Debating Round 2

On Wednesday 30th of March our incredible Secondary debating teams headed off to Williamstown High School to compete in Round 2 of Senior Debating for 2022. We had a very successful evening with four debate wins and four best speaker awards, Warresha Akhtar of Year 11, Nosayba Aljibaly and Afifa Khan of Year 10, and Adam Yahia of Year 9 all were awarded best speaker on the night, congratulations to them!

2022 Primary Athletics Carnival

Recently our Annual Primary Athletics Carnival took place over two action-packed days at Wootten Road Reserve. During day 1, all of Junior Primary enjoyed an introduction to athletics with many special activities tailored to younger students while our Senior Primary students were able to compete and rally on their housemates while taking part in all of the traditional athletics events during the second day.

2022 Term 2 Commence

Term 2 at Islamic College of Melbourne has officially commenced, with all of our Primary & Secondary students back on college grounds. Our students are incredibly excited to be reunited with their peers and it shows!

2022 Multicultural Fair

What a great way to end Term 1! Our Multicultural Fair was back this year after it’s initial success last year, developed as an engaging event to run alongside parent teacher interviews. The Palestinian theme was incredibly strong this year with many fundraising efforts being executed throughout the day including the selling of Palestinian olives, badges and pins, lolly bags, a Palestinian Kunafah stall, our Palestinian themed photo booth and lots more.

2022 Multicultural Day Assembly

To mark the last day of Term 1 for 2022, the College held an assembly for both Primary & Secondary schools as part of our Multicultural Day celebrations. Our theme this year is to celebrate Palestine and all that it represents while bringing attention to the atrocities that have taken place there, highlighting ways that we can come together as a community and do our part to help.

2022 Ramadan Man visit

As an extra-special part of our Primary Ramadan celebrations, all of our primary students were visited by Ramadan Man this morning! Ramadan Man made his way to each and every primary classroom to deliver a special gift to all primary students which they safely kept in their school bags to take home with them after school.

2022 Primary Ramadan Assembly

This morning, the College welcomed all of our Primary students and staff with a very special Ramadan assembly. Thanks to the Primary Islamic Studies and Arabic departments, the College gym was well and truly transformed into a Ramadan-themed sanctuary for all to enjoy, with our Primary SRC leading the morning’s program and College Principal Dr Abdul M Kamareddine reading a very special story to all of the students in attendance.

2022 Senior Debating Round 1

On Wednesday, 9th of March, the ICOM Senior Debating Team participated in their first round of debating for 2022 at Williamstown High School. It was a very successful evening with four of our teams coming home with well-deserved wins! Our B Grade Team 1 consisting of Year 11 girls Rahemah Danish, Benazir Shafiz and Sumaiyya Baloch took home a commanding win over Caroline Chisholm Catholic College by four points, arguing for the affirmative on the topic of ‘That artists should be held legally accountable for deaths and injuries that occur at their concerts’. The girls from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College performed extremely well also. Rahemah Danish came away with best speaker for this debate, well done girls!

2022 Multicultural Week – The Amazing Palestine

This year Islamic College of Melbourne’s Annual Multicultural Week is celebrating amazing Palestine and all of its incredibly strong & proud people by running many engaging and educational activities.
Our students will learn many things about Palestine over the course of the week, including learning about Palestinian cuisine, the history of Palestine and their struggles throughout history, traditional Palestinian dress & crafts, how we can support Palestine and its people and much more.

2022 Welcome Ramadan Assembly

To mark the start of our Ramadan events for 2022 our entire Secondary cohort were invited to a special Welcome Ramadan Assembly this morning where they were addressed by the College Principal Dr Abdul M Kamareddine who gave a concise verbal presentation on the importance of Ramadan, it’s spiritual significance and its effect on our students and their wellbeing.

2022 Secondary Athletics Carnival

The Islamic College of Melbourne’s Secondary Athletics Carnival is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the school year and by far the largest, with our entire secondary cohort coming together for a day of physical tests and triumphs. Congratulations to our Green House Najah (Success) for placing first in the total points tally for the day, with Red House Hikmah (Wisdom) coming in 2nd while our Blue House Iman (Faith) placed 3rd overall.

Girls Grappling Self Defense Seminar

Over the last 3 weeks the College held grappling self-defense seminars for Year 9 and 10 students focusing on ground-work and damage avoidance. Some of our female Secondary students were able to experience this unique opportunity first-hand as they were joined by Ms Kimia who helped the girls familiarise themselves with basic self-defense scenarios and tactics to help improve their physical awareness.

Girls Secondary Interschool Basketball

We wish both of our Secondary Interschool Basketball teams the very best of luck today as they proudly head out to represent the College. May they compete to the best of their ability and return only after being truly tested.

Boys Grappling Self Defense Seminar

During week 5 the College held a grappling self defense seminar for Year 9 and 10 students focusing on ground-work and damage avoidance with Siraj Soufi from Complete MMA in Derrimut. The students were shown Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques which they practiced together in groups of 2 while being coached by Mr Soufi.

Mesut Kurtis and Preacher Moss Visit ICOM

The Islamic College of Melbourne hosted two incredible international guests over the weekend with Nasheed artist Mesut Kurtis & stand-up comedian Preacher Moss joining some of our senior secondary students and members of our community at the College for an afternoon of entertainment & enlightenment.

Ridwaan Jadwat visits ICOM

Recently, the Islamic College of Melbourne had a very special guest. Mr Ridwaan Jadwat, the First Assistant Secretary, Southeast Maritime Division Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) attended the Islamic College of Melbourne to address our Senior Secondary Students, discussing with them his professional journey and taking questions from the students. After taking some group photos with our Year 12 students Mr Jadwat accompanied by our College Captains was invited to a morning tea where further conversations were had.

2022 Anti-Bullying Day at ICOM

On Friday, 25th of March, we celebrated our annual Anti-Bullying Day at ICOM! With most of our Primary students dressed in blue to show their unified stance on bullying, this event was incredibly successful with our Primary students all taking part in team-based games and book readings with the Principal, we had donuts and baked treats on sale at lunch time with all proceeds going to charity.

2022 Primary “Meet the Teachers”

As part of our Primary “Meet the Teachers” Information Night held last week we took a moment to publicly announce and acknowledge our Primary SRC representatives for 2022. With our latest cohort of incredible House Captains, Class Captains and Primary School Captains all having their moment on stage, we are super excited to see what new developments, exciting clubs and engaging events will be held in Primary this year!

2022 Secondary “Meet the Teachers”

During our recent Secondary “Meet the Teachers” Information Night the College took the opportunity to publicly announce and commend our 2022 Secondary SRC representatives. This included our 2022 Secondary class and house captains along with our 2022 Debating Captain Layal El Rifai, our 2022 College Captains Hussain Yasir and Maryam Al-Gburi, our 2021 College Dux Ammar Qidwai and our 2021 Year 12 high achievers!

Saving Lil & Archie Primary Incursion

On Wednesday, 16th of February, our Year 5 and Year 6 students were invited to experience an amazing live theatre incursion performed by the talented performers at Brainstorm Productions, titled “Saving Lil & Archie”. Taken from the Brainstorm Productions website: “This exciting live performance shows students how to regulate their emotions and connect with people in a positive way. It explores strategies for the safe use of technology, dealing with bullying and getting the right balance between screen time, sleep, exercise and face-to-face communication.”

2022 Growing is Knowing Incursion

On Friday, 4th of February, to coincide with ICOM’s Hijab Day, the Islamic College of Melbourne held an educational information session for all Year 5 students where mature-age topics relating to the hijab, faith and Islam are explained and discussed. This extensive, one-off session provides our students with a greater understanding of what expectations lie ahead for them in life and why these expectations are so important. This information session is held for Year 5 students every year and is an integral part of their developmental studies.

2022 Hijab Day

On Friday the 4th of February we celebrated World Hijab Day here at ICOM, with all students from our Primary and Secondary schools taking part in this amazing annual event where students and staff come together to celebrate the beauty of the Hijab and all that it stands for. The events of the day included an outdoor Hijab Styling Booth where female students could try on different colours and styles of hijab, henna stalls and a Hijab Design Competition which was ran exclusively for Secondary students.

2022 Foundation First Day

On Wednesday the 2nd of February our 2022 Foundation students took their very first steps onto college grounds as official ICOM students! Accompanied by their parents and siblings, our Foundation cohort were lively and eager to begin their lessons, with the rush to their classrooms only being halted by a quick stop at one of our two photo booths to take a photo and commemorate this very special occasion.

2022 First Day of School

Tuesday the 1st of February marked the very first day for Year 1 to 12 students’ attendance at ICOM.
Along with understandable apprehensions and day 1 nerves, our students arrived in good spirits and are absolutely thrilled to be at school for a wonderful 2022 academic year inshallah. Our superstar staff are onsite and ready to assist, support and comfort our students throughout their learning journey.

ICOMTalks Podcast #4 – Basma Alo, Layal El Rifai, Nosayba Aljibaly

Episode #4 of our ICOMTalks podcast has just been released in anticipation of ICOM’s Hijab Day celebrations being held this Friday, 4th of February! Our 2021 College Captain Basma Alo is joined by Year 12 student Layal El Rifai and Year 10 student Nosayba Aljibaly to discuss all things Hijab during this special edition of the podcast filmed especially for Hijab Day.